Ronald L. Krajcik                                                                          September 4, 2014  
Marketing Manager
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Re: Tricor Alloys appoints new Aerospace Mill Products Sales Manager

Tricor Metals announced today that Jenel McNaughtan has joined their Tricor Alloys to develop their aerospace titanium mill products supply business.  Jenel McNaughtan comes with a super track record of success in marketing aerospace metals, primarily titanium for aerospace and medical applications to a customer base of distributors, intermediate processors and end users.

Jenel comments “I am eager to start a new challenge with the Tricor Alloys team and looking forward to help further develop their already strong titanium products and services business.  I feel fortunate to join such a strong company that prides itself on serving the world’s titanium needs. “

Mike Stitzlein, President of Tricor Metals remarked that “We are glad to add Jenel’s skills, experience and energy to our team.   Earlier this year we launched our Tricor Alloys UltraGrade™ welding wire business serving aerospace and power markets.  Jenel’s new appointment is evidence of our commitment to continue this effort but now with emphasis on the titanium mill products used in Aerospace, Medical, and other challenging applications.   As we further Tricor Alloy’s launch, broadening our titanium inventories and processing capacities, I expect Jenel will play a key role in this effort.”

About Tricor Metals:

Tricor Industrial, Inc., established in the 1980’s, is a woman-owned small business, involved in industrial product distribution, retail & rental products, and metal fabrication.  The company is headquartered in Wooster, Ohio with other facilities in Wooster, OH, Morristown, OH, Conroe, TX, Plymouth, MI and Oxnard, CA.

Tricor Industrial is a premium quality Industrial supply and rental business in Wooster, Ohio and Morristown, Ohio. They provide Ohio and the surrounding areas with durable machining tools and supplies. They stock a full line of industrial products including fasteners, hand & power tools, drills, taps, cutting tools, safety supplies, and precision instruments, industrial and janitorial supplies.  Tricor Rental, in their Morristown, OH facility, rents a variety of equipment such as; lighting towers, portable power generators, pressure washers, small and mid-sized excavators, floor sanders, lawn equipment, and more to support small and medium-sized contractors in the region that work for oil & gas, landscaping, and mining markets.

Tricor Metals, serving the world’s titanium needs, has earned a world-wide reputation as a leading titanium metal service center maintaining one of the world’s largest stocks of premium performance metals including titanium, tantalum, zirconium, nickel-based alloys, and duplex stainless steels for corrosion resistant applications.  They are also known as a premier fabricator of ASME code quality specialty process equipment such as:  pressure vessels, custom shell & tube heat exchangers, pipe spools, plate and frame heat exchangers for chemical, mining, refining and process industries.  Tricor Heat Exchangers supplies spare parts and refurbishing of for plate heat exchangers. Tricor’s reactive and specialty metal welding repair services are mobilized world-wide.

Tricor Alloys, launched in 2014, supplies high performance UltraGrade™ welding wire for aerospace, power, and challenging applications.  Tricor Alloys supplies titanium mill products to aerospace and medical.

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